You are a professional coach and you are fed up with all that you've unsuccessfully been doing in creating a thriving business.

You no longer feel online marketing, 6-steps-to-success-programs and email lists are the way to go.

You know you've got great coaching skills.

And now it is the time to do what really works. Get really uncomfortable and create a thriving coaching practice by coaching, conversation and referral only.

That's exactly what our business coaches are experts at.

We offer our services worldwide for committed professional coaches at all levels in their coaching career or business.

This is how.

1-on-1 coaching
We invite you to experience what we offer in our 1-on-1 tailor made 3, 6 or 12 months programs. Complimentary, however we do need your commitment to show up during our 45 minute call. Feel free to connect so we can discuss the challenges you're facing.

A one year deep dive into taking your own business to the next level as well as mastering the business skills to create clients with coaching & conversation. Your revenue is at least doubled and you will be able to business coach your own clients (and clients who are referred to you by The Pink Walnut). If this resonates with you, please feel free to connect.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Please send a mail to or call +31644355027.

Elsbeth van Lienden
Executive Director The Pink Walnut

Care. Dare. Create.