You are or you want to become a professional coach.
You choose to create impact with your gifts, vision and valuable knowledge.
Your clients are your business card because of the results they create.
You are searching for a way to create different results, simply because you know you have more to bring into the world.

If this is you, great! Hi! My name is Elsbeth van Lienden and I work with professional coaches who choose to create powerful results in business as well as in life.

You and I should talk if you want to be in action, are committed and you choose to create the life and business YOU want. In a way that fits YOU perfectly. You want to thrive. You are ready to unleash your power and enlighten us with your sparkling energy.

You are a coach. And you therefore know you cannot do this on your own. Simply because the brain is nearly unable to do so by design.

So you want someone next to you who sees through the bullshit others might believe.
You want someone to help you break through your own limiting beliefs, again and again. The beliefs that currently as well as in the near future prevent you from creating that awesome coaching business you have in mind or taking the necessary steps to create the next level in your currently steady business.

Let's connect! Send an email or dial +31644355027 so you and I can schedule a complimentary 1 hour Skype or phone call to discover what's preventing you from taking the next steps and what you and I might be able to create when we team up.

I'm here to belief in you a 100%, to serve you powerfully and to cut through the crap that's preventing you to achieve what you desire.

Love Elsbeth

Care. Dare. Create.