Are you being called by something larger than yourself yet you have no clue where to start?
You want to increase or change results in your company and experience a good work life balance as well?
You choose to create impact in the world with your idea, knowledge or gifts?

So glad you are here!! Hi! My name is Elsbeth van Lienden and I am an expert in straight-line coaching and co-creating with game changers, executives and great coaches wanting to take their performance and results, both professionally and personally, to the next level.


You and I should talk if you love to be in action, are committed and you choose to create the life YOU want. You don't have a problem. You don't need therapy. You want to thrive and unleash all the power and sparkles you already possess. You want someone in your life who sees through the bullshit others might believe. You want extraordinary results and you are ready to change the way things unfold. You want to get rid of stuff that gets in the way.

I am the founder of The Pink Walnut, a bureau for inspired leadership as well as a community for game changers, disrupters, executives, high performers and great coaches who together are realizing significant differences in the world. he way they show up, act and contribute through their work.

Care, Dare and Create. That's the theme of The Pink Walnut and my work. Fast, deep, powerful coaching, fearless creation, velocity as well as slowing down with -for some of you- a little bit of 'whoowhoo'. Because it's time for all of us to reconnect with the energy that sparks the creation of the impossible!

Let's connect! Send an email for a 'get to know each other' call (30 mins) or a powerful sample coaching conversation with me personally (90 mins call), both in Dutch or English. Or ask any question you have!

I'd love to serve you in creating a difference in your life, business or even in the world!

Love Elsbeth

Your life as a powerful example
of what's possible for a human BEing.